Keep in Touch MFA Graduate Exhibition at Burren College of Art

Burren College of Art invites you to attend the MFA graduate exhibition opening on Saturday, 16th  April at  6pm. MFA graduate, Melanie Lan will exhibit monumental wall-based works alongside work by graduating Post-Baccalaureate  students Suzanne Tuene and Yulia Gurevich.  Our end of year MFA 1 and Undergraduate Study Abroad student exhibitions will run concurrently with the Graduate Exhibition. This event is free and open to all.

Melanie Lan’s large-scale murals and wheat pasted works draw attention to the themes of belonging and dislocation in an ever shifting social landscape. Drawing on the vibrant graphic language of street art, human and animal forms merge to form hybrid entities that speak to our contemporary need for adaptation and fluidity.

Suzanne Tuene’s large portraits on fabric are generated from berry extract and other local ingredients. In her multi-disciplinary practice, she transforms these works into clothing which in turn is activated through dance, or into temporary dwellings that become social spaces or places of retreat.

Yulia Gurevich’s drawings and works on paper constitute an ongoing engagement with place. Through a rigorous study of the Burren landscape and the animal life that populates it her works immerse the viewer in a complex yet delicate understanding of the rural. Multidisciplinary works from  MFA1 and Undergraduate Study Abroad students will also be exhibited, and constitute an engagement with a range of thematic concerns.

The opening of graduate exhibition will be introduced by Lebanese-Irish artist, Richard Hearns.

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