Burren Mountain Tours – Fanore

Burren Mountain Tours

We offer both walking and driving tours.   Visitors can choose from a 90 minute driving tour or a 120 minute driving and walking tour.  For the walking tour we drive to the top of the mountain and then walk along a 4 mile relatively flat track at the top of the mountain. 

Our tours give universal access to the Burren mountain, previously reserved for those with the ability to walk this strenuous route.  The tours are ideal for those who may not have the time or physical ability to cover this track on foot and for nature lovers or those looking for something unique, a once in a life time experience.

Small groups only – up to 7 at one time.  Tailored tours and educations tours by appointment

We travel the route taken by the herdsmen of long ago to bring their cattle to the mountain for the winter.    This is a unique experience away from the main tourist routes. 

Email burrenmountaintours@gmail.com 

Phone: 353 (0)86 8238864  or 353 (0)65 7076164.

Travel in comfort while learning about the wonderful archaeology, history, habitat and farming in the Burren from the people who now farm it.

The views of the Clare coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way are breathtaking.  From the western mountain edge you will have unparalleled views of Galway Bay, the Aran Islands and Galway city.

Beneath you will observe the well preserved 16th century tower house, Gleninagh Castle, home of the O’Loughlins and the nearby Rhine Peninsula.

Travelling inland towards the centre of the mountain there is a vast expanse of limestone paving in this karst landscape previous only known by locals.  Enjoy the tranquility of the Burren and the magical energy of the limestone paving.  Experience the splendid isolation of the Burren, far from the crowded tourist spots.

Everywhere there are relics of mountain life thousands of years ago – such as forts and  turf tiles – and magnificent examples of hand-built stone wall; a tradition continued today.

From early spring the mountain is like a flower garden and you will learn about the exotic mix of flowers that thrive together here but elsewhere in different habitats and climate zones.  This is a botanist’s haven.

You will see the fertile Caher Valley and the Caher River, the only continuous over ground river in the entire Burren.

John and I purchased Murrough Mountain over 9 years ago.  This is where we winter our animals, taking them to the top of the mountain for the winter until they start to calf in the spring.  Over the years, we have resurfaced the tracks over the mountain so that feed can be taken to the animals in the early part of the year.  The track around the mountain measures over 6 miles.  In recent years we have taken neighbours and friends up to show them the mountain and the beautiful views of Galway Bay and the Clare coastline.  It was the reaction of these people, and their amazement at the beautiful views, that encouraged us to open our mountain to the public and to take people up to see the Burren landscape and coastline.  We have been involved in tourism for many years with Fanore Holiday Cottages.  Over that time we have encountered many people who would love to go to the mountain top,  but were unable to do so.  Our driving tours are now giving universal access to the Burren.


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