O’Loclainn’s Irish Whiskey Bar

O’Loclainn’s is recognised by travel and food writers as someplace special, an unforgettable traditional pub, where occasionally there might be traditional music played on fiddles and guitars and tin whistles to be enjoyed as the peace of evening comes dropping slowly.

“You can lock us in Peter O’Loghlen’s tiny, never-changing bar and throw away the key and we won’t protest a jot: this is one of our favourite bars anywhere in Ireland, and their capacious and intriguing selection of whiskeys is enough to mesmerise a man even before he has had a drop to drink. If you want to explore the world of uisce beatha in all its multifarious glory, then Ballyvaughan is your destination. Don’t miss O’Loclainn’s at any cost.”

John McKenna, Bridgestone Irish Food Guide

MacNeill O’Loghlen is credited with the range of whiskeys on display at O’Loclainns, now numbering over three hundred bottles. An impressive range of distilleries are represented, including Irish distillers of note, Bushmills, Cooley, Jameson, Lockes, Midelton and indeed, O’Loghlens has become the envy of whiskey collectors, since some whiskeys are from distillers which have long ceased to exist. Irish single malts, including Bushmills 16 year-old Malt and Locke’s Special Edition, specialist Irish blends including Green Spot and Midleton Very Rare can be enjoyed along with many whiskeys from all over the world.

As a testament to the unique charm and hospitality of O’Loghlens Irish Whiskey Bar, some of the whiskeys on display are in fact gifts from visitors to Ballyvaughan, sent to the O’Loghlens on their return home.

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